When it comes to choosing your accounting firm, it’s important that you do a rationale decision by choosing a firm that not only meets your needs, but is strong, reliable and trust worthy.


You need a firm that has people who really understand you, your business and the sector you are in.

Our experts are dedicated to maximizing your business’ value and accompany you throughout the challenges you are faced with.

Credibility, professionalism and personal client care – are the core values of our firm.

This is just the way we do business.

Our people

Shlomit Peretz, C.P.A (ISR.) – founder and chief partner. Certified accountant since 1991. A Proud member of the Israeli institute of certified public accountants. Her fields of expertise include audit, internal audit, tax and general financial advisory. Mrs. Peretz earned her Bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting and her Master’s in business administration (real-estate valuation) from Haifa University. Amongst her numerous duties, Shlomit acts as a director in public entities and as an internal auditor in publicly reporting companies.

Michael Leving – Specializes in the field of corporate governance (ISOX), entity risk management (ERM) and internal audit in our firm. Mr. Leving earned his bachelor’s in accounting from Bar-Ilan University and an M.B.A (finance) from Netanya Academic Private College.  Michael also has a bachelors’ in political science and philosophy from Haifa University.

Ofra Arazi -  joined our office in 1997 and acts as an administrative manager of the firm. Mrs. Arazi earned her bachelor degree in economics and management from the Technion – Israel’s leading tech. institution. Ofra is a certified bookkeeper (type 3) and a certified payroll controller. Ofra specializes in the field of labor law and is a bookkeeping manager in many companies as well as self-employed files.

Mrs. Iris Yudkevich – has joined our office in 2000. Mrs. Yudkevich has graduated accounting studies from the Ramat-Gan College and her field of expertise is companies’ book audit and general bookkeeping.

 Who we are  

We, at Shlomit Peretz – certified public accountants, provide a wide range of services such as audit & assurance IFRS complied, tax, internal audit, corporate governance (SOX), entity risk management, bookkeeping and general financial advisory services.

By bringing all those services under one roof, we provide you with the tools to success and accompany you personally throughout the whole way until the full realization of your business potential.

Our organizational culture is set upon the values of listening, learning and one-step-ahead thinking.

Our firm’s human assets are consisted out of highly experienced, well-educated and inter-disciplinary people. Our unique staff provides you with the vital flexibility that is customized to your needs and your intentions.

The firm’s founder and chief partner, Mrs. Shlomit Peretz, C.P.A (ISR.), M.B.A (Real estate valuation), is a certified accountant since 1991 and is considered to be amongst state’s top professionals who brings more than 20 years of experience in the field.